We are a Solutions company.
We specialise in Student Travel & Welfare.

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GTMatrix Safeguard is our security division, built on years of experience and with sights set firmly on the future.


Student Travel & Welfare

GTMatrix Student Travel & Welfare arranges transport for overseas students attending UK private schools which ensures compliance with Tier 4 visa requirements.

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GTMatrix Recruit is our specialist talent search division.

We keep businesses and people safe.

We find the best people and we retain them.

We transport students safely and securely wherever they need to go.

Student Travel & Welfare

Our Student Travel & Welfare division transports students from boarding schools to airports, host families and wherever else they need to go, using only accredited suppliers, with and without chaperones, ensuring compliance with Tier 4 visa requirements.

Our clients are Public Schools and we employ chaperone teams in strategic hubs across the UK to serve each school. We usually work with the incumbent local transport providers to ensure continuity of service.

We provide uniformed staff at Heathrow airport on all main school travel days under the banner of ‘Airport Guardians’ to assist Unaccompanied Minors and other students with all aspects of their travel day.

We provide transport to students from over 60 of the UK’s top Public Schools.


Our security credentials are drawn from years of experience of working with clients including American Express, Endemol Productions (Big Brother), The Ambassador Theatre Group, English National Opera and Whitgift School among many others. Our directors have a proven track record of success managing a dynamic security business, providing best in class service and client retention. We offer a full suite of security services – find out more on our Safeguard page.


Finding and retaining great people is core to our operations and it’s something that we also do for others. We have over 30 years of experience in recruiting staff at all levels across industries including logistics and transport, security, finance and international business.

Clients we have worked with


Site security, Front of House, mobile patrols.


Close protection.

Malvern College

Student logistics, chaperoned transport, Airport Guardians

Renaissance Capital

Executive recruitment

Quest Guardians

Student logistics, Airport Guardians, chaperones

Cheltenham Ladies' College

Student logistics, Airport Guardians.

Shrewsbury School

Student logistics, chaperoned transport, Airport Guardians

Big Brother

Mobile patrols, close protection, site & event security

American Express

Security. Front of House, mobile patrols

Whitgift School

Site security, Mobile patrols, Event security

Chorion Productions

Site security, mobile patrols, close protection.

Charterhouse School

Student logistics, Airport Guardians.

Barclays Capital

Executive recruitment.

Ambassador Theatre Group

Site security for West End theatres. Front of House, door supervisors, event security.

Cheltenham College

Student logistics. Airport Guardians.