Airport Guardians is an as-needed service available to all UK boarding schools. Staff are on-hand at Heathrow airport on all major student travel days (other airports according to demand). We regularly resolve issues on the ground and our clients include boarding schools and guardianship companies.

Airport Guardians staff will liaise with students, school, parents and airport and airline staff to resolve any on-the-ground issues, giving every boarding school the reassurance that they have a member of staff looking after the best interests of their pupils.

Regular issues include: excess baggage charges, lost and misplaced passports, delayed flights, immigration delays, airport disruption due to drones or weather and flight redirection.

Airport Guardians is your representative at the airport.


Airport Guardians is present on all major school travel days and is available as needed.

The charge or our service is based on £65 (inc. VAT) for the first hour and £42 (inc. VAT) per hour thereafter. Any costs incurred (e.g. excess baggage) are marked up by 25% plus VAT.

In order to use Airport Guardians we ask that you register with us. Please complete the form below.