A bit more about Airport Guardians

London Heathrow is one of the top 5 busiest airports in the world and is the gateway to the UK for many overseas students. Spanning four terminals, students arrive and depart using dozens of different airlines, each one of which has its own unique set of protocols and processes.

A key component of our service is the presence of a team at Heathrow Airport throughout the school travel day to attend to any students needing assistance.

The reason that the Airport Guardians team came into being was because pupils from a major Public School were on a flight that was turned back after take-off. On arrival back at Heathrow, the school was closed, all staff had departed and the pupils didn’t have anyone to turn to. Because of this, on departure days, the locally-based Airport Guardians staff are on hand from before the first students depart until after the last flight has cleared UK airspace. On arrival days, they are in the airport from before the first flight arrival until after the last student is safely en route back to school.

The team has dealt with many issues on behalf of parents and schools, including

  • Forgotten passports
  • Overweight luggage
  • Unaccompanied Minors
  • Services booked but not paid for
  • Missed flights
  • Immigration issues
  • Documentation issues
  • Lost property and lost luggage
  • Student in Heathrow Police station
  • Disoriented students

In the absence of Airport Guardians, schools often have to send members of their own staff to the airport which can involve overnight accommodation, out of hours pay and huge inefficiencies.

Airport Guardians staff all live close to Heathrow and can be at the airport within 40 minutes, so even on non-school travel days we are able to put a member of staff on standby should you require.

There are additional fees payable for some Airport Guardians services, notably Unaccompanied Minors. This is because a UM requires one-to-one attention and takes the member of staff away from general duties. UM’s are charged at £84 on departure and £42 on arrival.