Travel Information


Complete the form located here. Please see the school calendar for travel dates and times.


Coaches run on official school travel days only. Please allow a minimum of 45 minutes for the coach to get to Peterborough station.

Leaving Oundle (official school travel days only)

Destination Time Price
Peterborough train station (Chaperoned coach) When school ends Pro rata*
Heathrow Terms. 3 & 5 (Chaperoned coach) (NOT Exeats) When school ends £85

*Pro rata cost is calculated by dividing the cost equally between all travellers. The more who travel, the cheaper per head. Estimate guideline: £22.

Returning to Oundle (official school travel days only)

Origin Time Price
Peterborough train station (Chaperoned coach) From 2 hours before return deadline Pro rata *
Heathrow Terminal 3 (Chaperoned coach) (NOT Exeats) 08:00 £85
Heathrow Terminal 3 (Chaperoned coach) (NOT Exeats) 17:00 £85

**Pro rata cost is calculated by dividing the cost equally between all travellers. The more who travel, the cheaper per head. Estimate guideline: £22.

Note: Official school travel days are those dates as published in the school calendar as Boarders Return or departure date.

All other travel dates including COVID exceptions (early arrivals). Parents should assume a taxi will be booked, priced per the table below. All prices may be subject to additional parking and waiting charges. If numbers are sufficient for a coach and chaperones, this will be booked and charged pro-rata.

Ride sharing: Where ride-sharing is feasible without causing unacceptable wait times (target 1.5 hours) this will be booked automatically unless opted out in the booking form. Prices below.


Please note: Due to increases in the price of fuel, taxi prices are likely to increase at short notice. We apologise that these price increases are beyond our control and that we will have to pass them on to our customers.

All taxis are vetted and approved by Oundle and GTMatrix. We can book taxi travel for students and parents, all of which will be added to the school bill.

For record-keeping and safeguarding purposes all bookings must be made via GTMatrix.

Approximate travel times and costs from Oundle are:

Destination Approx. travel time 1 passenger 2 passengers 3+ passengers
Heathrow Airport 2 hours 30 minutes £195 £115 each £105 each
Birmingham Airport 1 hour 15 minutes £150 £95 each £90 each
Gatwick Airport 2 hours 30 minutes £225 £130 each £115 each
Manchester Airport 3 hours £260 £150 each £130 each
Hilton, Park Lane, Central London 1 hour 30 minutes £190 £105 each £90 each
Peterborough station (not on main school travel days) * 30 minutes £29.50 £22 each £18 each

*On main school travel days there will be coaches running to and from Peterborough Station. The school will levy a charge based on the cost of running the service.

NOTE: All airport taxis include an Airport Guardians or chaperone meet & greet supplement.

Useful information

Heathrow Airport

Taxis collect from the arrival terminal.

The Heathrow coach departs from Terminal 3 ONLY. All students must transit (free) to Terminal 3. Airport Guardians staff are available to assist on main school travel days.

When dropping off, the coach will go to all terminals from which students are flying, however for parents meeting students, go to Terminal 3, park in short stay, and meet the coach outside in the drop-off area right in front of the building. The coach will go to the lane nearest the building.

Do not try stopping in the drop-off area. You will unfortunately be fined a large sum of money, far more than the cost of parking in the short stay car park!

Coach stop information (links are to What3Words unique references and include GPS coordinates):

  • Heathrow Terminal 3: For students being met from the coach by parents or guardians – please park in short stay car park. The coach drops off in front of the Departures area ( 51.470529, -0.45701200)
  • Arriving students returning to school should rendezvous in Terminal 3 Arrivals Hall ( 51.471769, -0.45818200).


Quoted prices include carriage of one small hand luggage item (handbag, laptop), ONE carry-on suitcase up to 23Kg (56 x 45 x 25cm) and ONE hold suitcase up to 32Kg (90 x 75 x 43cm) per passenger.
Additional suitcases will be charged at £20 per item.


Contacting the Oundle chaperone team

You can call the main GTMatrix office number at any time on +44 20 3355 2858 and a member of the team will help you to find the information that you need.

Miscellaneous information

Oundle School has a responsibility and duty of care to all pupils to ensure that they are able to travel safely to and from School.

Oundle has partnered with GTMatrix to provide transport to and from Airport, Ferry or Train station. We organise both scheduled coaches and ad-hoc taxi transport. All bookings must be via the provided form.

At the beginning and end of term and half term we run regular chaperoned coaches to and from London Heathrow at 09:00 and 17:00, in line with peak demand. On all main school travel days we run coaches to and from Peterborough Train Station. Outside the scheduled coach and on non-school travel days we organise taxis as needed, with optional ride-sharing where available. Please see the bottom of this page.

Charges for coach and taxi travel booked via GTMatrix will be added to the school bill.

Important notes about taxi bookings:

For all taxi travel we charge a premium over and above the taxi base price of up to 20%. The cost of the taxi can be added to your school account so no cash is payable on the day.

Additional variable fees are:

  • £42 per hour Unaccompanied Minor and other special services, e.g. accompanying student to a Covid test

Prices quoted are inclusive of our premium, but do not include

  • Extra waiting time,
  • Parking charges,
  • Additional pick-up and drop-offs
  • Congestion Charge / ULEZ (Ultra Low Emissions Zone)
  • Airport Guardians chaperones on non-main travel days
  • Special services
  • Vehicle upgrade
  • Car valeting if needed
  • Lost property retrieval or delivery

Fees may apply when amending a booking at the discretion of the supplier.

Cancellations made less than 72 hours before travel may be charged a £20 administration fee. For cancellations with less than 24 hours notice or no-shows, we reserve the right to charge the full fare.