This resources page is for Fulfillment Partners (FPs) working with GTMatrix and seeks to provide a comprehensive library of documents and forms that guide and inform. Please click the titles below to expand each section.

Service Level Agreement

Download link to PDF of this document: Service Level Agreement v016 Jan 19

Safeguarding summary

As a service provider to colleges, schools and guardianships we are committed to safeguarding and meeting the needs of all pupils and our primary concern is the safety of the pupils. In order to uphold our safeguarding responsibilities, appropriate protocols need to be in place in relation to all persons who come into contact with students.

Appropriate relationships with children should be based on mutual trust and respect. Adults should:

  • Avoid any conduct or behaviour which would lead any reasonable person to question their motivation and intentions.
  • Avoid behaviour which could blur the boundary between appropriate and inappropriate behaviour and leaves you vulnerable to allegations of abuse.
  • Avoid divulging your personal contact details and avoid any contact via text messaging or social media.
  • Conduct one-to-one meetings in a transparent way.
  • Not reveal confidential information about a pupil to a third party (this does not imply key College staff involved in a pupil’s education) or speak disparagingly about a pupil to other pupils.
  • Avoid giving advice to a pupil on a matter for which you are not qualified.
  • Avoid any physical contact with pupils and seek advice immediately if they become the subject to unwanted attention on the part of a pupil.
  • Exercise professional judgement and act reasonably. Persons visiting schools and colleges should at all times follow the instructions of in-house staff, particularly in relation to the areas where they expected to work and facilities that are open to them.
  • No one should suffer harm, either at home or at school or points in-between. Everyone who works with school children has a responsibility to make sure that all pupils are safe.
  • This advice has been given to you to make sure you understand what is expected of you. Please ask the person who gave it to you if you are unclear about anything in it, and keep the information in a safe place, so that you can read it again if you need to. 
If you are worried about the safety of any anyone in our collective care, you must report this to a member of GTMatrix staff on 020 3355 2858 or email [email protected]

Full Safeguarding Rules

GTMatrix contact information

Telephone number: 020 3355 2858
Email address: [email protected]

Responsibility to minors in your care

  • No photographs or videos to be taken of any students at any time.
  • Students should only be allowed out of a vehicle at the designated arrival point unless otherwise agreed by GTMatrix. The driver must make sure that the designated receiver of the children has been identified and that the children are safely accounted for and handed over to their custodian.
  • On no account must children be allowed out of a vehicle if the designated receiver is not at home / in place. If this situation arises the driver or chaperone must wait with the student until GTMatrix has indicated otherwise. Waiting time will be paid where agreed.
  • Students set down on the pavement or verge should be advised to wait until the vehicle has departed before crossing the road.
  • Extreme caution must be displayed when manoeuvring your vehicle in and around students. Always ensure your charges are in the vehicle with seat-belts fastened before moving off or attempting any further manoeuvre.

Standards of behaviour and conduct

  • GTM uses a range of transport (taxis, minibuses, coaches) to support pupils attending off-site activities, sports fixtures, school trips and airport collections. We value the service provided by selected transport companies and expect a high standard of behaviour from pupils using these services.
  • No smoking, including E-Cigarettes, on any School or College property at any time or whilst transporting children.
  • All drivers and chaperones are expected to be polite and courteous to all persons on School or College property and all students. Any issues or complaints, i.e. tardiness, rudeness, etc. must be raised with GTMatrix ONLY and never to any student, host family, parent, school representative or guardian.
  • All journeys must be completed as directed and in a professional manner – any issues should be taken up with GTMatrix for resolution.
  • Under no circumstances are drivers or chaperones allowed to associate with or socialise with any student in their care or carried in their vehicle.
  • All drivers and chaperones must be smartly dressed. This means wearing long trousers or skirt and a collared shirt or equivalent dress clothing according to culture and gender.

Emergencies unforeseen events

  • Report all accidents in accordance with the standard procedures.  Make sure you know what to do in an emergency situation and how to use the safety equipment.
  • In an emergency situation a driver may be asked to supervise a group of Students whilst a member of staff takes the necessary actions. Where applicable all extra time will be paid accordingly.

Issues and complaints

  • Students who misbehave should not be told to leave the vehicle, drivers should politely take their names and report the incident.
  • Report any bad or inappropriate behaviour or vandalism by Students to GTMatrix as soon as possible.
  • If you are regularly kept waiting for more than twenty minutes please report this to GTMatrix so that we can investigate the problem.

General requirements

  • All drivers must carry their PHV licence and a second corroborating means of identification, for example a UK photo-card driving licence, passport, etc.
  • All drivers must be aware of the large number of students on College and School property and ensure that they take extra care, particularly when reversing as students often have little appreciation of the hazards of moving vehicles.
  • All vehicles should be parked appropriately and not be blocking any access ways or emergency exits.
  • Drivers must consult their driver’s notes which will include passenger numbers and must not leave a venue until ALL the students due for collection are in the vehicle.
  • In the event of no-shows the Driver must contact GTMatrix and remain on-site until cleared by GTMatrix. On no account will the driver take a student’s word that the student due for collection has made alternative arrangements. All waiting time will be paid.
  • Students should only be collected and set down at agreed points. Any changes to these arrangements should only be accepted from GTMatrix and not from parents or students even if they say that permission has been given.
  • All drivers are expected to drive in accordance with the Highway Code. Approach all stops with care, keeping the doors closed until you have brought the vehicle to a complete standstill.
  • Before moving off, make sure that the doors are fully closed and that nothing is caught in the mechanism of the door from the inside or outside and that all passengers have fastened their seat belts.
  • Check the nearside mirror every time in case latecomers attempt to board. Under no circumstances are pupils allowed to operate doors using the driver’s controls.
  • Drivers must observe speed limits and never rush to accommodate pupils’ or parents’ requests.

Accident Report form

Accident Report Form

If you are involved in an accident you MUST complete an accident report form. Please click the link above and download the form to be filled in and returned as soon as possible to [email protected]