We accept payment by BACS and PayPal. For student transport you will be quoted a price and if you have elected to pay via PayPal you will be sent a direct link requesting payment. If you have elected to pay via BACS, please use the details below.

To use the Airport Guardians stand-alone service we request a deposit and we will refund the unused balance. Please see the Airport Guardians section below for full details.

Thanks for using GTMatrix and Airport Guardians.

BACS payments

For all BACS payments please use the details below.

Royal Bank of Scotland Plc
62-63 Threadneedle Street
London EC2R 8LA

Sort code: 16-00-15
Account number: 10991679
Account name: Global Talent Matrix Limited

IBAN: GB39 RBOS 1600 1510 9916 79

Airport Guardians deposit

We are very grateful to you for using Airport Guardians. We request that you make a deposit of £200. Our service costs £65 (inc. VAT) per hour while we are acting directly for you. Any unused funds once the issue has been satisfactorily resolved will be immediately refunded.

Please note that we charge a handling and processing fee of 25% + VAT on all monies spent on behalf of the student. Examples include excess baggage charges, mobile phone top-up vouchers, food and drink and accommodation.

To pay a deposit of £200 please use the PayPal button. Please enter the student name into the box first so we can track the payment.

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