Our mission is to provide transport services tailored to students with safeguarding fundamental to all we do.

Our overseas student transport service greatly simplifies the organisation of carrying all  students to and from UK airports. On major school travel days we take responsibility for making sure that all students are carried safely and securely to their departure destinations, at the right time.

We orgainse ride-share between designated schools, reducing journey costs and providing companionship.

We work either with your school Transport Manager or with parents directly to collate all travel bookings ahead of time. We organise all required transport at the appropriate times to ensure that your children aren’t waiting around unnecessarily, and we are present at London Heathrow throughout the day to ensure that everything runs smoothly and to assist where needed.

Our service provides

  • A dedicated team devoted to the wellbeing of each student
  • Ride-share opportunities with other students from participating schools
  • A roster of fully vetted transport partners across the UK
  • A single point of contact for all travel needs
  • Airport Guardians staff on the ground at London Heathrow
  • Peace of mind