For departures, our UM chaperon will accompany minors throughout the check-in process and will wait with them until the flight is called before handing them over to the airline staff. This process usually takes three hours.

On arrival our UM chaperon will accept hand-over from the airline and sign for the child before accompanying them from the arrivals hall to their waiting transport. This process usually takes around one hour.

All GTMatrix chaperons are Enhanced DBS checked.

Unaccompanied Minor chaperone services at all major UK airports are charged at £84 outbound and £42 inbound. Correspondence with airlines relating to UM service takes 10-15 minutes and is charged at an additional £18.


Please complete the form below to book an Unaccompanied Minor service with us. Please call us on +44 (0)20 3355 2858 before submitting the form.

    Inbound (to the UK)Outbound (from the UK)