Safe and secure student transport

GTMatrix is an overseas student transport and inter-school ride sharing service for UK boarding schools. Our subsidiary Airport Guardians is an on-demand chaperon service based at London Heathrow airport on all main school travel days and other UK airports according to demand.
Every overseas student studying in the UK needs to travel safely and confidently to and from their school, university or college to an airport, train station, host family or general appointment. GTMatrix is here to ensure that happens, whether it’s an end-of-term movement or an ad-hoc appointment or interview.
Our clients are schools, guardians and parents. All of our staff are Enhanced DBS checked. All of our transport partners are regularly audited to ensure strict compliance with the highest standards. By using GTMatrix and Airport Guardians you can be assured of the highest standards of care.

Our promise to parents, guardians and schools is to take students safely where they need to go so that you, our customers, have total peace of mind.

Frequently asked questions

Download our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ PDF which should answer all your questions in detail. Please don’t hesitate to contact us either by phone or by using the form on this website and we will be very happy to help.

Why are schools able to recommend GTMatrix and not taxi companies?

GTMatrix is a specialist student travel agency and NOT a Taxi company. We book journeys with approved taxi firms which we have vetted for full compliance – we do not have our own taxi fleet. We ensure that the taxi firm carrying your students meets all Local Authority rules, is fully licenced, insured and that all drivers are DBS Enhanced checked with barring.

What do you provide?

Communication – we communicate with all parties.

Compliance – we seek to ensure that all operators and drivers meet the highest standards of compliance, have all their papers up to date and are the most reliable in their area.

Chaperone – we provide a full chaperone service at Heathrow airport on all official school travel days to ensure that all students in our care have help and support whenever needed.

Convenience – we provide a single point of contact for all transport, wherever and whenever it is needed.

What makes you different?

Our service is run exclusively for schools, colleges, universtiies and students.

All we do is designed to cater for travelling students.

We organise termly transport (beginning and end of term and half-terms) with school transport managers which allows them oversight and sign-off but without any of the inconvenience of making individual bookings. We also organise transport directly with parents and guardians.

We organise rideshare programs between schools in the same area.

Our Directors are all alumni of boarding schools themselves so fully understand the system.

We have proprietary software which enables us to communicate automatically with transport providers, students and schools and to schedule and track each journey.

What service does Airport Guardians provide?

Airport Guardians provides a chaperone service at Heathrow and other major international airports depending on demand. The Guardians deal with unfolding circumstances and are able to re-jig ride-share depending on arrival times / delays, ensuring students get on their way in the shortest possible time.

Our service came into being when seventeen students from a leading Public School were on a flight home to Nairobi which was turned back to Heathrow due to a technical issue. The school had closed at the end of term and no one was around to assist them.

How do you choose the transport providers you work with?

Our operations team has two transport providers for each class of travel we provide in any given area. We have a rigorous vetting and compliance process. All firms we work with sign up to our working practices and we check each firm regularly to ensure continuing compliance.

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